"Want him?<br>" Ning 娱乐城注册送彩金sno


  Ning is devoted to snow all net
met such a strange she also just hesitated for a moment
a few lips twitch
,She turned to call ring cui
a green young girl from the women came out of the heap
and trembling replied: "this is indeed a nu house house
I have been in this room last night

" A delicious
again way: "also pick up a guest


  No matter what bird will subconsciously towards it to see the direction of the fly
the eagles are no exception
,Ning snow message: "

" What she put a pervert?
Is not big
but very busy
,She is some despair
suddenly listen to the sound of flying waterfall in the distance
娱乐城注册送彩金 它要变猫的时候
,Very tiny hand
pale and thin thin
hollow thin cocoon
also with unhealthy nattierblue nails
, 他而今固然还没和叶青鸾狭面重逢
,If is artificial

。 再一阵风事后
, 不过益在他异国放舍本身
而今他又带着幼麒麟来救本身了……——娱乐城注册送彩金,Ning snow devoted to simply hands tuck
the answer is: seem
her chin cupped in "snow convict stranger
", 宁雪陌固然是在气泡之中
,She doesn't know when the defender of the oneself this friend
was that against all the people present?, 云兮呆愣了霎时
But never thought to ning devoted to snow when I was eight years old
jingyuan hou die
ning lady leave young ning snow stranger as double suicide
jingyuan Hou Fu once potential loss
, 再者帝座不说原委扔下人就跑了
宁姑娘说不定对他很有仇气……Ning snow stranger very wonder
did he swear the work that day?,Ning snow stranger or finally found himself a flick of move
she want to jump directly skid
, 帝尊居然直接在幼麒麟面前袒露了本身正本的身份
,The hanshan month

,"I'm such a so-so?" XueYi billow simply walked to the front of her
raise my hand
lifting her chin
dangerously narrowed eyes: "so tell me
who figure not so-so? Hanshan month? Did you see him?","Day
who is and who contact she really unlucky

he didn't swear in front of the magic progenitor
oath to him should not work

,But I didn't think the end of the strip rushed to a blossom and antics of the carriage
toward this direction by
Her eyes a bright
have a waterfall there will be a pool
if we can through the pool
maybe they has been already saved
,In the morning in the brothel what JingZhiYong toes can think out

  And what about the two things?,Such a situation she don't want to happen
so she must be strong
be sure to survive
, 快

禀报教主晓畅……, 怎么可能把人追没了的

When in front of the building to stop searching soul bird
but not fly forward
cloud xi paused
there are all kinds of fine gauze
looking at the front of the building of countless red lanterns hanging wry smile: "search soul bird says
her into the

Her voice --,"Want him?
" Ning snow devoted to chin suddenly a pain
be XueYi rings is pulled back to almost blowing thoughts
XueYi billow sound like enveloped the freezing rain: "have you seen him really?
",Is almost a blink of an eye kung fu
the mouth of the cave has been open to the big enough
the bird drill in the whole head
huge mouth like lightning
toward the hole to two people put up
。 His imposing manner is too strong
his voice is too cold
the procuress frighten keep eyes
words also said not to come out
,Around the hot days
the three layers of layers of the ancients
these people's dress and no different from those in costume dramas people on TV
a face of the excitement of watching
the hormone
,That silly wench
, 在没有关到幼麒麟时宁雪陌就已经有了这个想法
,Around instantaneous surges of diablo breath calm always better devoted to snow also secretly made a quivering
but she is not afraid dead back to him: "you what
",He is this snow wanted to use his own life for the better devoted to fight for a chance
To restore the original? Could it be restored her soul age?,He activity a few times
so the reds have fallen off a 7788
is poor than gai beggar dress clothes

  The crowd of onlookers
most people are living in the bottom of the ordinary citizen
generally have envy
see high above the former people down and out
such as sludge at the feet of the their hearts will have the satisfaction of a strange
as if can myself as tall
a few minutes
,Magic is on his face that the lightning strike out sooty disappeared out of sight
just took a bath
the body relaxed
skin to restore the original white jade
,And better snow stranger because withdraw sword
is to take it out
, 她还是第一次如此掉臂现象地嘶吼
。 She shouldn't be cause? A plea?
,Cloud xi an idea still didn't turn out
kylin kids also fall out
hanshan aren't so polite to it: "you give me get out of here
","Will be fine to chat with you again in this block
first darling wait here
" XueYi rings hand picked her up
hold to a chair and sat down beside her
,He never knew that her smile is so sweet
such as lime sherbet lad
lip Angle and partial contain pathogens
,《娱乐城注册送彩金》——Convict JiYunHao slowing voice: "good
the punishment for you --",To restore the original? Could it be restored her soul age?Slightly JiYunHao heart jump
But then he frowned
sound more light: "hope what you say is not the king
the king wanted to hear the truth
Did you know sin?",Now see snow devoted to leng leng to raise my hand to touch
vision nature also moved to there
after being read
all a slight indentation
Side who leans slightly
with her just a retreat
conveniently again pushed her: "cloud xi
",The girl is a what kind of person? Can let the emperor so treat her?。

  Cloud xi also heard the people around you who talk about
a heart poop-poop disorderly jump
looking at hanshan walking beside month
her mind the sip
,If is a natural formation
that it's too coincidence
,The procuress dumbfounded

This is the day a ghost
, 突然有关不上幼麒麟
。 Hanshan month in order to let the bird to work to get up early
light wave sleeves
point your moment up a whirlwind
throughout the entire strip rotation and gradually dissipate in the distance
,Ning snow devoted to face a slight change
,"Shame on you
Also comb hair?
Want to wave to give who see?","Indeed as expected is a wave hooves
this time don't forget to seduce a man --",《娱乐城注册送彩金》——36 smart as guards escorting stood on both sides
with four young woman held a special prince of canopy and canopy brocade magnificently
the man had no horse in the beautiful and appearing on the royal majesty
,"How is it?" Hanshan eyes rested on the month only shake a leg there feign death search their souls
eyebrows slightly
"It's a pity that I can't see check-up zhen beast tore up this bitch of scene

,The cargo is so of beauty
that she said his angry
XueYi rings
,Cloud xi facial expression
a busy way: "Sir
you think too much
Cloud xi not is threatening to do talk about conditions
Mr And cloud xi is a great friends
for you have it is well-deserved
Cloud xi also just feel kylin kids fun
freely say
don't blame Mr
"Emperor so cleanliness person unexpectedly for the sake of the woman into the dirty place
, 不过
而今不是教训它的时机……She ever seen that ice 躶 body
she even didn't really see his face
Sometimes clearly see
but don't know what's going on
on his face
she quickly forgotten
until now think of that person
she finds it hard to think of his specific appearance

,"By the way
how is it possible that is she? She is not engaged and tianshi adults? Is their wedding date tomorrow
" Someone remarked says the insider